Educational programs like the STEAMOLOGY’s STEM Fest present vital educational
enrichment for youth and residents, alike. These events are fun, creative opportunities to
explore and learn. Through the collaborative efforts of STEAMOLOGY, STEM Fest
participants and contributors share their knowledge with the hope of sparking a lifelong
interest in building valuable STEM skills

Dan Storck, Fairfax County Supervisor

3D Me was privileged to attend the STEM Fest sponsored by the STEAMOLOGY organization. Hundreds of local students attended the successful hands-on and engaging event

Bruce Wyman, 3D Me

The TJ Partnership Fund is excited to support STEM educational opportunities, like STEAMOLOGY’s recent STEM Fest, in our local community.  The TJ Partnership Fund aims to encourage students interested in STEM to explore their passion and build skills that will prepare them to succeed in advanced STEM education and beyond.  The TJPF thanks STEAMOLOGY for putting on a wonderful event and looks forward to future STEM Fests!

Jane Ritt, the STEM Outreach and Administrative Coordinator for the TJ Partnership Fund

Amazing STEM events – we need more like this in our area.

Susan Boriso, Girl Scouts troop leader